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Tommy - Acid Queen/Underture

April 13, 2020

Hey everyone! today's episode deals with some fairly sensitive material, including drug use, non-consensual sexual interaction, and a racial slur against the Romani people, the latter of which has been bleeped out in our reading of the lyrics. 


In today's episode, Jenn Bianchi (@newsomeyall) joins us to talk about the newest step in Tommy's family's approach to trying to "fix" him; a drug-fueled encounter with a sex worker who takes him on an absolutely horrifying journey. 


Sorry for the rough audio on this one, we pushed through some technical difficulties so it's not the crispest it could be. 

Big thanks to Kevin Hendrix (@kevin_hendricks) for our theme music, and to Beth Lindly (@betheleanorr) for our logo!


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